Tea Tree Oil Bath

After my first two weeks at a new labouring job my muscles and skin are feeling tired, worn out, and generally sore.

So, after a nine day working stint, this morning I decided to soak in a tea tree oil bath. And it was magic!

I discovered bathing in tea tree oil whilst at university and working odd gardening and labouring jobs to pay the rent. I had a bottle of tea tree oil to use on cuts and scratches, and decided to add a few drops to the bath.

Now I’m not claiming to have done any thorough research yet on the benefits of tea tree oil, and it may even be a simple placebo effect, but I find having a tea tree oil bath has an awesome relaxing effect on my muscles and skin.

Compared to a normal bath, adding a few drops leaves me so much more relaxed, and it seems to do an excellent job at both relieving surface pain (blisters, bruises etc) as well as deeper pain in tight and heavily used muscles.

Beyond alleviating muscle-pain, one of the known benefits of tea tree oil is that it’s a natural discenfectant – so it can be useful for avoiding infection in cuts, scratches, and blisters.

Tea tree oil is reportedly beneficial in a (large) number of other ways, some of the most significant include:

  • Treating dandruff
  • Treating Atheletes Foot
  • Treating acne
  • Relieving chest congestion and flu symptoms

For me, I find that tea tree oil works well with my body, kick-starts the healing process for my many cuts and scratches, and leaves my muscles feeling relaxed and refreshed after a bath. The fact that it’s also promoting general good skin health and reducing the chances of those other issues listed above is an added bonus.

As well as running a tea tree oil bath and dabbing the oil directly on major cuts, I use tea tree oil when I get sick. I simply pour some boiling water into a bowl, add a few drops of tea tree oil, stick a towel over my head, and breath in the vapour.

As I mentioned, I haven’t done any thorough research on the health benefits of tea tree oil (although that may be a good topic for a future post) – but my experience tells me that a tea tree oil bath can be a great idea – loaded with numerous benefits.

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