An Inexpensive Option For Cardio Exercises At Home: Gazelle Edge Trainer

The Gazelle Edge trainer is a basic cross trainer helping to bring many people off the couch. The training has low impact on joints and bones and assembly is easy. A folding mechanism makes the device easy to store. Lots of people love their Gazelle workout. Sounds good doesn’t it? Nevertheless, there is some criticism that future buyers should know.

Brief Gazelle Description

The Gazelle has a rolled steel frame that measures about 43x28x54 inches, foot platforms, and handles. It is unique. Many sellers call it elliptical, but it is different. It does not have several resistance levels to set. The training is a gliding movement like cross-country skiing. Users determine the exercises with speed and body posture. They can walk slowly or run in normal or bent position. Such training is not only cardiovascular; the cross motion of arms and legs trains the whole body. A small computer tracks speed, distance, time, and calorie use. The device provides a weight capacity of 250 lbs.

Pros and Cons

More than thousand four and five star ratings can easily be found on the internet. That tells us: The Gazelle Edge trainer is a bestseller. People express happiness and satisfaction with the Gazelle training. Some simply stride with varying speed and enjoy the cross training. Others use a bit of creativity to find different postures. Many users successfully lost weight with this training. Lots of persons with health issues, e.g. after a knee surgery, appreciate the low impact on joints and bones. People often do the training in front of the TV and call it fun. Many owners explicitly underline the easy assembling as well as the helpful folding mechanism.

There is so overwhelming praise that every critical person will ask for disadvantages. Of course, there are some. The main point of criticism is the computer. It doesn’t seem to track properly or even fails totally. Most of the affected users don’t mind because it does not interfere the training, but potential buyers should know that. A few critics say that the workout is too easy for them. It would be right for beginners, people with health issues, and old persons. That is correct, but there are many advanced athletes who like the Gazelle training as well. Extremely few people complain about pain caused by the training or about the foot platforms. Occasionally squeaking is a point of criticism.

Value For Money

Considering the low price of around 100 Dollars (e.g. Amazon 4-2012), the Gazelle Edge trainer is excellent quality. Most users commenting online are highly satisfied with their tool. Buyers who expect to get an elliptical might be disappointed. The training is unique, but seems to be more fun than with many other devices of cardio exercise equipment. The decision to do cardio exercises at home is beneficial in every case. For most people, easy training with the Gazelle Edge trainer is better than sitting on the couch while watching TV. Last but not least, untrained persons should double check with their doctor before they start any exercises.

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