Fruit Smoothie Recipes


Whether you prefer thick and creamy berry and banana smoothies, fresh vegatable drinks, or sharp citrus juices, you'll find it below.

I have only included my favorite recipes, using a range popular fruits and vegetables, as well as some smoothies that contain extremely beneficial ingredients such as ginger and garlic.

Although it is sometimes more convenient to use frozen or canned fruit, I recommend you try and use fresh, high quality produce as the nutrient quality and quantity found in fresh produce is comparatively higher.As mentioned earlier, I have only published my favorite fruit smoothie and juice recipe however, if you have a recipe that you believe should be on this site, feel free to email me and I will consider your recipe for addition to the site.

If you have any questions, feedback, or would like to discuss anything on the site, your emails are welcome.


berry smoothie recipes and health information
As well as publishing my favorite healthy fruit and vege combinations, I've been researching the health benefits of the ingredients I use. So, beneath many of my fruit smoothie recipes you'll also find accompanying nutritional information. So, with my site you can also learn why specific fruits and veges are good for you, what they do to promote good health, and extra benefits such as promoting clear skin or building immunity. Enjoy!