Celery, Watermelon and Avocado Smoothie

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celery, watermelon and avocado smoothie recipeIngredients


Thoroughly wash cucumber. Remove heads of organic celery & skin of watermelon & oranges. Chop watermelon up, scoop out avocado & blend with cucumber. Juice celery & oranges & add to blender. Blend until smooth.

This smoothie combination is a little different than some of the more popular smoothie recipes however, you will be surprised with the result of conflicting tastes and textures of avocado, orange and watermelon in this smoothie recipe. I find this avocado based smoothie is a great light meal after sports or exercise, or as a healthy, filling breakfast.

Nutritional Information of Avocado

While most smoothie recipes use banana as the primary thickener, I decided to incorporate one of my favourite vegetables, avocado into the mix, resulting in a thick and creamy texture that does more than just taste fantastic. Not only are avocadoes a great vege to bulk up your smoothie or meal, they contain valuable quantities of potassium, fibre, Vitamin E, folic acid, lutein and monounsaturated fat, so avocadoes actually encourage your body to absorb other fat soluble nutrients from the rest of your diet.

Avocadoes are known to improve the condition of the skin, promoting healthy and radiant skin.

Using avocado instead of a banana takes away the sweet aspect of this smoothie, so adding watermelon and orange to the mix helps bring up the sugar levels, while adding a complimentary, citrus zing to the full bodied avocado taste. Orange is a popular source of vitamin C in our daily lives, but did you know that oranges are a good carbohydrate to encourage muscle recover after activity. Celery also plays a vital role if you have this smoothie after sports, a gym workout, or some other exercise. Celery contains nutrients that actually help to relax your muscles, reducing muscle spasm.

This is a wonderfully thick smoothie to replace, or as part of any meal. I personally find this recipe ideal as a post-workout meal.